Passenger car rental - what to look for before signing a contract?

Are you currently renting a passenger car? There are many rental companies on the Polish market offering cars of various classes. However, before you make a reservation, pay attention to a few details that will help you choose an offer tailored to your needs, sign a favorable contract and avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of contractual penalties.

Compare the offers available on the market
The first step should be to determine the destination of the car, kilometers and route to be traveled, and the number of passengers. A different car will work well for city driving, and a different one when you are planning a vacation trip to the other end of Poland. Once we have determined the type of vehicle we need, we can compare the rental offers. It is worth considering the technical condition of the offered cars (many rental companies offer cars that are 2-3 years old at most).

Most rental companies have cars with both manual and automatic transmissions in their fleets. The standard is also slowly becoming air conditioning, airbags and a number of driving assistance systems (including ABS and ESP). Such solutions increase the comfort and safety of traveling.

The next step should be to check the accessories. The rental price includes GPS navigation, a child seat and other accessories.
What additional fees?

The prices that we find in the rental offers comparison website do not always correspond to reality. Many companies charge additional fees and apply contractual penalties for breaking the provisions contained in the regulations for providing the service. It is worth remembering that the rented vehicle can only be driven by the person whose name appears in the contract. People planning a longer trip may enter an additional driver into the contract. However, they must be prepared for the fact that you have to pay extra for such a service.

Additional fees are often charged for the possibility of returning the car with an empty fuel tank. Young drivers will also often pay more. Many rental companies have an age limit and they only rent cars to people over 21 (less often 25). Even when there are no limits, younger drivers usually pay higher rental rates.

Another expense is the deposit, which is a security for the lease. Most often, it is charged without cash (as a blockade of funds on a credit card). Once the landlord complies with the terms of the contract, the amount charged will be credited back to the landlord's account.

Note the mileage limit
One issue that must be checked is the mileage limit. Its exceeding is most often associated with the imposition of high contractual penalties. Therefore, it is worth carefully planning the route to determine whether the limit contained in the contract is sufficient. The minimum rental period is a day, therefore the limits are also calculated on a daily basis.

People who do not know the route to travel should look for offers without such a limit. While this rental is usually more expensive, the journey will be less stressful.

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